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February 2023

🤺 Our survival depends on learning the rules of this new game.

January 2023

😎 We're going to have a great time and I can't wait to see you in Vice City
Yes, this is your first UX/UI newsletter of the year, open before you forget it.

December 2022

World Cup, Branding, AI design and other tips to make you happier.

November 2022

The new 3D tools, Journey Map Recap, and some new AI in to write and make icons
This is a story about the fall of FTX and some lifesaving UX tips from your favorite design nerd.

October 2022

Hello people, in this issue, we’ll look at… 🎢 Journey Maps, ✨ Clean your workspace, 📹 Video on Figma, 🥂 and much more… 🎢 Have fun on the Journey…
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September 2022

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